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Me France Germain started her notarial practice on August 1st, 1981, at the law firm of Bolduc, Lavigne & Malouin on Sherbrooke Street East, Montreal. Starting in 1985, she worked closely with the real estate agency Le Permanent on Langelier Street. In 2005, she moved to Terrasse Langelier. Since 2002, Me Germain has been the keeper of the records of Notaries Lucie Hynes, Daniel Tremblay and Christine Kaesh. On account of her recognized competence, she has taken part in a variety of radio and television broadcasts, such as the program known as “Mêlez-vous de vos affaires“ on Vox Network and Radio Ville-Marie for the reform of the Civil Code of Québec.

Me Isabelle Rivest joined Me Germain’s office in 2006, and she became an Associate in 2011, when the registered partnership GERMAIN & RIVEST, NOTARIES s.e.n.c.r.l. was created.


Réseau Notarial PlusOur office is a Member of the “Reseau Notarial Plus”. This organization continuously verifies the qualifications of Notaries who are its members in order to ensure both their competence and the quality of the services provided.